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Yoshi's Yum Yums

see below for pricing and flavour varieties

Tasty Treats That Will Keep Your Pet Wanting More!!

We also produce our very own range of homemade dog and cat treats.


These treats are made from 100% natural tasty ingredients and have been specially created for your furry friends.


All our recipes have been developed with flavour as the main emphasis and all have been tried, tested and loved by family and friends as well as my own pooches whom the treats are named after.


Our treats, whilst tasty, are not designed to replace your dogs usual food and are to be given purely as a complimentary treat and in moderation.  Always ensure you check all ingredients for any allergies before giving them to your pet and that you have plenty of fresh water available for your pet at all times.


All our treats are freshly made to order so for this reason please allow 3-5 days after payment for your order to be dispatched.


Your order will be sent out in food grade plastic bags and keep for approximately 2 weeks. Upon receipt all treats must be stored in a refridgerator.  All treats can be frozen where they will keep for up to one month and must be defrosted at room temperature before giving to your pet.


Standard mixed box of treats - (16 treat box)

4 chosen flavours - 4 of each variety


Twin flavour box - (16 treat box)

2 chosen flavours - 8 treats of each variety


Single flavour box - (16 treat box)

Choose any single flavour variety - 16 treats


Tiggies Tasty Tit-Bits - Cat Treats

(Approx 60g)


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Dog treats are supplied in boxes of 16

How to order

If you would like to order some of our treats you can do so by visiting our Yoshi's Yum Yums Facebook page.

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Alternatively email your order request to.​

Postage & Packing

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Yoshi's Yum Yums - flavour varieties

Dog treats

Peanut Butter & Honey

Peanut Butter contains proteins which aid growth and contributes to healthy skin and coat.


Honey has natural properties that aid intestinal transit and can also help to alleviate seasonal pollen based allergies.


Ingredients; soya flour, gluten free baking powder, smooth peanut butter, water, honey. These treats are made with gluten free ingredients.

Apple & Cinnamon

Apples contain a powerful anti-oxidant and are full of vitamin C to help maintain healthy skin and coat.


Cinnamon is an appealing spice to dogs and contains calcium, iron and is rich in vitamin C & K.


Ingredients; wholewheat flour, dried apple, ground cinnamon, gluten free baking powder, water.

Banana & Ginger

Bananas are a well documented human superfood, the same can be said for our K9 friends.  


Bananas contain various natural proteins that help promote health, brain function and positive mood.  


Ginger promotes good digestive health, stimulates the immune system and is also known to help with sickness and arthritis.


Ingredients; wholewheat flour, dried banana, ground ginger, gluten free baking powder, water.

Mint & Parsley

Mint is rich in carotenes for good eye and heart health as well as being rich in vitamins A & C, it soothes the digestive system and also acts as a breath freshener.


Parsley is another natural superfood that facilitates the removal of toxins by increasing digestion and again is a natural breath freshener.


Ingredients; plain flour, dried parsley, dried mint, water, peppermint extract.

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Cat treats

Tiggies Tuna & Cheese Tit-Bits

Made with Oat flour these tasty titbits can help reduce cholesterol, heart disease and are high in soluble fibre.


The Tuna provides your furry friend with much needed nutrients. Cheese is a good source of protein for cats and aids digestion, whilst the egg contains proteins and vitamins for a shiny healthy coat.


Ingredients; oat flour, tinned tuna in spring water, lactose free cheese, dried parsley, vegetable oil, egg. These treats are made with lactose free ingredients..

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