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Hi my name is Karen, I am the owner of K9to5 Pet Care Services and I love my job.


Since leaving school some 20 odd years ago I’ve always wanted to work with animals, and after spending the majority of those years in an office 5 years ago I decided enough was enough and I took a chance and made a career change which enabled me in March 2016 to follow my dream not only of working with animals but doing it for myself!! After only 18 months of operation K9to5 has grown so rapidly that I need help, step up Tracey (the Buddha!!).

I mainly focus on the Stockport based side of the business, but also work closely with all our clients to help with any training or 121 walking requirements. My family has always had pets of one sort or another, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes & lizards, however my current fur babies are Yoshi & Tiger-Lilly, 2 boisterous, strong and very high energy Staffies and although they are quite happy in each others company they do not respond well to a group setting so I understand that sometimes less is more. 

I have recently completed and passed a dog behavior and handling diploma which has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of a dogs requirements from their body language, these skills allow me to ensure that all dogs whether walked within the group or 121 are enjoying their experience from start to finish.


With the ability to understand the ups and downs of being a pet owner, I can provide a wealth of hands on experience which, when combined with a caring and common sense approach, makes for happy pets and happy humans.

Hi animal lovers. My name is Tracey (Buddha), Karens new name for me! I have been an animal lover all my life, after having read all the James Herriot books as a young girl, I managed to convince my parents to buy me a collie puppy for my 11 birthday. (I also watched all the lassie films and was expecting a rough collie to arrive). Cue Kim, a gorgeous bundle of black and white fluff (looked nothing like Lassie.) I thought in my naievity he’d grow into looking like Lassie! Obviously that didn’t happen and here my love for the super intelligent, loyal, fun loving BORDER collie was born! I then went on to study and practise agriculture for many years working on a dairy farm in Styal, Cheshire.


I have had the pleasure of owning 5 border collies in my life and my latest Buddy, is a rescue dog. We’ve had him almost 8 years and he is the most wonderful boy, it’s no coincidence his white flash marking on his back looks like a number 1...I also have a little pup called Syd, she is a border collie/cocker spaniel cross...so no rest for the foreseeable future! She has settled really well into our family and Buddy is the perfect big brother teaching her how to be a good girl (with a few tricks of the trade thrown in).

I have always had a passion for animals and so it was a real dream come true when Karen asked if I would like to partner her in her flourishing pet care business. I'll admit I was a tad apprehensive initially, leaving my relatively well paid job but I knew that opportunities to live your dream don’t come along very often and having worked with Karen in the dog walking world before, I knew how well she worked and how much the dogs loved being with her, so here I am.

I am really looking forward to working with your pets and experiencing the pleasure of a customers dog greeting me with excited anticipation in preparation for their walk, it is such a great feeling and also reassuring knowing they are having a good time whilst out with us. The same goes for our boarders when after a long hard day chasing around after their friends they collapse next to me on the sofa to relax and wind down. Of course it is also important for the owners to be happy with our service and we always stay in regular contact with them to feed back any concerns or take on board any information from them that will enhance their pooches experience whilst with us.

We both hold a current pet first aid certificate, DBS clearance and full Pet Business Insurance.  We constantly assess every dog in our care to ensure they are happy and content and should we notice any change in behaviour or character we will inform you immediately. Although we endeavour to keep each dog happy and in the same groups we will change groups if we feel it necessary as dogs can be like kids sometimes and will occasionally need a change of playmate.  If you have any concerns regarding the group walking environment, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our main purpose is to ensure your pets have a happy, positive experience whilst on their walks. When boarding, we make sure our dogs have a home from home experience any routines the owners have, we are happy to continue during their stay with us. Owners are also encouraged to send blankets or toys familiar to the dog or an item of the owners clothing to help them settle in initially though our dogs are so busy playing and running around they usually just want to sleep when we get home!


We are very much looking forward to meeting you and your pets very soon.


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