Tel: 07902 437548 

Areas covered:

Stockport & South Manchester


Dog Walking

Mon - Fri

Bank Holidays

One 1-hour group walk

One 40-min 1-2-1 Walk


Additional dog from

same household

*NHS & full week walking discounts available

£12.00* / walk

£17.50* / walk


£8.00* / dog

£24.00 / walk

£35.00 / walk

£16.00 / dog

Animal Care Visits

30-min Care Visit

(upto 3 pets)

Mon - Sun

£10.00 / visit

Bank Holidays

£20.00 / visit

Dog Sitting Service

£30.00 / night - extra charges for Bank Holidays apply.

This price is for upto 2 dogs, additional animals can also be added to your care plan for £7.50 per pet per night (please discuss this at time of booking). Sitting times will be between 6pm and 9am each day.

NB: all prices are subject to change

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